Services at a Glance

Mental and Behavioral Health



Provide Care, Inc. is a team of mental health specialists providing a wide range of community environments, including family homes, group homes, schools and job sites. Our programs include:


Community Based Therapeutic Services - Supporting a healthy home life for children, adults and families.  Experienced staff serving individuals with Severe Emotional Disturbance (SED), Serious Persistent Mental Illness (SPMI), ADD / ADHD, Autism and other emotional / behavioral disorders.


School Based Support Services - Assisting public, private and alternative schools in meeting the needs of learners with behavioral disabilities.


Personal Development Services - Providing staff development training to human service agencies and school systems.


We also provide children and adult mental health rehabilitative services. A wide range of methodologies are used in providing services to individuals and their families needing assistance with mental health issues.

Our programs are funded through community based waivers, medical assistance, pre-paid medical assistance plans (PMAP), DD, CADI, TBI, AC & EW plans.

Services provided:


  •           CTSS / ARMHS
  •           Individual and Group Social Skills Training
  •           Basic Living Skills
  •           Community Access
  •           Medication Education
  •           Parent Education
  •           Crisis Intervention
  •           Individual and Family Counseling
  •           Transitional Housing through our Adult Foster Homes
  •           Behavioral Services
  •           Mental Health Services



Services can be provided at the client’s home, at school, at adult foster homes, and within the community.



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