Services at a Glance

Adult Foster Homes

Provide Care, Inc. has 21 corporate adult foster homes in Chisago, Isanti, and Pine Counties.


Provide Care, Inc. is committed to serving consumers with a wide variety of disabilities in a consistent professional manner. We endeavor to help every individual achieve an optimum level of functioning and independence in the least restrictive environment possible. We support and encourage existing relationships with families and friends, while developing new relationships within the community.  Our goal is mutual respect between consumers, families, caregivers, and significant others involved in consumers' lives.


Comprehensive consumer services to persons with:

  •          Developmental Disabilities
  •          Traumatic Brain Injuries
  •          Serious & Persistent Mental Illnesses
  •          Physical Disabilities
  •          Dual / Multiple Diagnoses
  •          Elderly Care


We provide:

  •          Opportunities for independent living
  •          Social skills training
  •          Assistance with managing finances
  •          Behavioral management training
  •          Transitional skills training


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